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Incense - Sultan Pasha Attars
Deer Musk Signature Accord
Deer Musk Signature Accord

Deer Musk Signature Accord

Sultan Pasha Attars

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After studying the olfactive signature of both vintage and fresh deer musk grains from various subspecies( which I’ve have very small amounts of that I’ve collected over the years to faithfully study and ponder on, but have and  will NEVER use in any of my compositions that I retail due to ethical and legal reasons, also I really don’t need to 🙂🙃), also their gas Chromatography results; I believe I’ve quite faithfully  recreated  the signature of this super controversial and precious material to use in my compositions without having to worry about CITES or PETA. 
This is my faithful recreation of deer 🦌 musk and it contains nearly over 75% natural materials and quite faithfully recreates not only the tell tale signature of deer musk but also the different nuances felt across the different subspecies, from tropical vietnam 🇻🇳 all the way to freezing Siberia 🇷🇺. The synthetics it contains are mainly the nature replicants already found in Deer 🦌 musk  in small amounts that has been synthetically recreated.

I’ve included some resins in to the mixture to make it more wearable as without them the composition smells  too much like real musk absolute which to me is so strong l, it’s simply nauseating and unwearable on its own. I would treat this Musk Signature Accord as a layering agent to be used in small amounts to enjoy its full synergistic effects on other compositions. Alternatively you can enjoy it on its own as its very complex but be warned it’s very animalic and long lasting 😅


Important terms and conditions

I will include a tiny sample of the exactly same composition alongside the bottle for you to try so you may evaluate and be fully confident with your purchase, please try this sample prior to unsealing the bottle... if the wax seal on the bottle has been broken or tampered with then it will be void from refund. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase I will refund your money back within 14 days of purchasejust return back the wax sealed 3ml bottle unused and in its original wax sealed condition.

The composition will be freshly decanted in to a sterile bottle only on point of sale. 


Disclaimer and safety information 

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